BOONE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Media Release  Boone County Offices announce an easier way to access public court records online. Most all court records, including small claims, will now be available for the public to easily view online, with the exception of juvenile records, protective orders, mental health hearings and adoption cases.  Court View Public Access Online was created so the public could have access to court records from anywhere at anytime, and not just by calling the courthouse Monday through Friday 8a-4p. The online availability will also to help cut down on calls coming into the courts asking for records.   The site was made possible by a collaborative effort, and funding from, the Boone County Commissioners, Clerks Office, Prosecutor's Office, Probation Department, Sheriff’s Office and the local Bar Association.  Boone County is one of only two counties to offer free online access to court records. Public court records can be viewed online at  There is also a “court view public access” link on the county website  Sheriff Ken Campbell commented:  This is a great way we can achieve two goals:  Easier public access to public records and freeing up time for out staff to focus on other duties.  Our studies showed that staff spend a significant portion of time responding to questions the public can now look up from the ease of their home computer.  Also, the local law enforcement community can easier track their various cases in the system.  It is “win-win” across the board.