In Memoriam of Deputy Jacob M. Pickett

Mar 2, 2021 | Deputy Pickett Remembrance Day

March 2, 2021

In Memoriam of Deputy Jacob M. Pickett

Today, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office remembers our fallen hero and K9 handler, Deputy Jacob M. Pickett. March 2nd will always be remembered as the day we lost our brother in the line of duty. So many emotions arise with this day, but nothing can overtake the actions of Jake’s caring and generous nature to our Boone County citizens while he served for us. Jake’s charismatic personality was contagious and sparked a new life into the BCSO family. We will remember his dedication to the job, his love for animals, and most of all his mirthful laughter. We know Jake touched a lot of hearts while patrolling the roads of Boone County. Let us all remember a truly honorable man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the people of this county. Remember those good times and no matter what circumstance you may come across, try to always “Respond Like Jake”.

*Sheriff Mike Nielsen Statement*

“Today we celebrate Jake’s life and not mourn his death. As we raised three embroidered flags at the Sheriff’s Office entrance this afternoon, the overwhelming emotions began to flow. But through all the emotions a sense of pride for Jake and the way he served this office and this community quickly overcame those emotions. We miss him every day and we will never forget his sacrifice and the sacrifice of his family. Please continue to pray for Jen and the boys, Jakes family, the employees of this office, and those that crossed paths with Jake because this journey is far from over. Jake, you will never be forgotten.”

I was quickly reminded not long ago about the battles we all must face in our lives both personally and professionally. It is very hard for us to go through the tough times and we often forget how blessed we really are when times are easy. We are blessed to have a job, a family, kids, parents, a roof over our heads, and food in front of us. Jen and the boys have been missing that family part for the last three years now. A family that in a split moment everything was taken away from them. A wife with no husband, two boys without a dad, parents without a son. I cannot begin to imagine the pain, anger, sadness, and flood of emotions that Jen dealt with that day three years ago and still deals with on a daily basis. It has to be unbearable at times. I can only wonder how she continues to have hope in tough times. I have so much admiration for her.

Many of you reading this email were not part of this office when Jake was killed. For those who were not here at the time I have included just a few excerpts from emails and FB posts below of the days shortly after Jake’s death. Many of you came to work here because of Jake and his dedication to this profession after he was killed. Until you go through something that is as hard as this has been you cannot really understand it or grasp its wrath that it bestows upon you. I hope and pray that we will never have to face another tragedy like this again. It clearly has changed my life in both good and bad ways. I have seen it change this office in ways that I could have never thought it would have changed. I have seen it change people both inside this office and outside this office. But through it all I continue to see the beauty of hope that has risen from the ashes. I still remain steadfast of focusing on the mission of good. I have seen people struggle through the last three years but make it through the tough times and for that I am so grateful.

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