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About Us

Services offered by the ACD:

-Assistance with stray/loose animals

-Animal cruelty investigations

-Animal welfare checks

-Vehicle unlocks for animals locked in vehicles

-Assisting with animals hit by vehicles, orphaned, or otherwise in distress

-Public education

Services NOT offered by the ACD:

-Wildlife trapping and removal

-Microchipping, vaccinating, nail trimming, grooming or other veterinatrian or specialy services.

-Rendering services/disposal of deceased animals

The mission of the Animal Control Division (ACD) of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office is to protect the health and safety of the county residents, to protect animals and promote their humane treatment, and to work in partnership with animal facilities to ensure these objectives are met.

The ACD uses the Boone County Animal Control Ordinance (2018-02) and the Indiana State Criminal Code (Title 35, Article 46) for enforcement purposes.


Animal Control Statistics

2020 Data Overview

Call Type ACD All Agencies
Animal Bite/Attack 51 87
Animal Complaint 61 198
Investigation/Animal 198 219
Locked Vehicle/Animal 3 18
Loose Animal 199 526
Ordinance Check/Animal 219 219
Return TX/Animal 488 509
Welfare Check/Animal 165 302
TOTAL 1384 2078

*67% of calls were handled by the ACD*

2020 Jurisdiction Specific
Jurisdiction Calls %
Advance 36 2%
County 601 29%
Jamestown 59 3%
Lebanon 769 37%
Thorntown 64 3%
Whitestown 197 9%
Zionsville 352 17%

Total: 2078

2014-2020 Call Total Comparison
Year Total Change from Previous Year
2014 896 n/a
2015 1048 17%
2016 940 (10%)
2017 1183 26%
2018 2409 104%
2019 2671 11%
2020 2078 (22)%
2020 Animals Taken to Humane Society for Boone County
Month Advance County Jamestown Lebanon Thorntown Whitestown Zionsville Invoiced
January 2 2 7 $1,975.00
February 1 3 1 $658.71
March 2 2 1 1 2 $714.27
April 4 1 1 2 $1,889.28
May 1 4 1 1 $582.13
June 2 5 3 $1,046.42
July 2 1 $457.14
August 1 2 2 $564.28
September 3 2 2 $1,003.57
October 2 6 2 $1,435.70
November 1 1 $85.71
December 3 4 1 6 1 $1,632.14
Total 4 23 3 33 5 9 14 91 $12,071.35


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will my pet be euthanized if it is picked up by the Animal Control Officer?

No. The Animal Control Officer does not euthanize an animal that is simply stray/loose.

Q2: Where are stray/loose animals held?

The majority of the time, the care of the animal is transferred to the Humane Society for Boone County. Occasionally, an in-county boarding facility is used.

Q3: Why is there not a county-ran animal shelter?

Opening an Animal Shelter is tremendously more involved than just having a building to put animals in—there are architectural, utility, veterinarian, staffing, adoption, policy, liability, and funding issues to take into consideration. At this time, the relationship between the Humane Society for Boone County and the various boarding facilities within the county are meeting the needs of the Animal Control Division. 

Q4: Is the Animal Control Officer certified in the state of Indiana?

There is not currently an Indiana specific certification for Animal Control Officers.

Q5: What is being done about the overpopulation of cats?

The Animal Control Division works closely with the Humane Society for Boone County to target areas with feral/community cat communities. Research heavily shows that TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programs are the most humane, efficient way to decrease the cat population. The HSBC follows that research and the Animal Control Division assists when able.

Q6: I found an injured/orphaned/abandoned wildlife animal. What should I do?

Refer to the DNR’s website and/or consult with a wild life rehabilitator. Sometimes the best answer is to let the animal be.

Q7: I found a stray domestic animal. What should I do?

Post a picture of the animal on the Animal Control Facebook page and other relevant groups, take the animal to a vet to have it scanned for a microchip, and/or call and advise Dispatch.

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