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Integrative Wellness (InWell)

Integrative Wellness (InWell) is a local behavioral health practice located in Lebanon, IN. InWell is currently providing several treatment services to our offender population that suffers from a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Currently, InWell is providing one hundred and thirty-six hours of pharmacological and psychosocial services per week in our facility. These hours and the various treatment modalities are broken down as follows:


Clinical Assessment and Treatment Plan Development – Jessie Loghmani LCSW (16 hours/week)


This is where the initial treatment process begins for the offenders. They are given a full

biopsychosocial assessment which looks at their substance use hx, psych hx, criminal hx, family

hx, and medical hx. Based upon offender self-disclosures and clinical observations, the therapist

will formally diagnose the offenders, and subsequently a treatment plan will be designed to

both assist them with treating their addiction while incarcerated, and also have treatment

recommendations for post-incarceration as well.


Peer Support Services – Dru Gaddie CAPRC II and Jill Lyons CAPRC I (48 hours/week)


A peer support is someone with the lived experience of both active addiction as well as

recovery. The peer support helps to remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery,

links the newly recovering person to the recovery community, and serves as a personal guide

and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.


Matrix Group – Allene Brown LMFT (24 hours/week)


Matrix Model for Criminal Justice Settings Early Recovery (ER) group. In this group participants

will learn basic skills to achieve initial sobriety and address the thinking errors that led to their

involvement in the criminal justice system. They learn basic cognitive-behavioral tools for

abstinence and the value of Twelve Step and other spiritual or self-help participation. The

Matrix Model for Criminal Justice Settings also adds an Early Recovery session prior to Family


Matrix Model for Criminal Justice Settings Relapse Prevention (RP) group. These groups help offenders maintain abstinence and a pro social lifestyle by delivering information, support, and

guidance as they proceed through recovery. This group includes a co-leader, an important

element in the group dynamic. He or she should be a graduate participant (or in later stages of

the program) who is continuing to work on a program of recovery that other participants can



Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) – Dr. Crystal Jones, Debbie Summers NP,

Elaine Myers RN (30-40 hours/week)


The purpose of the Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program is to provide pre-release

treatment and post-release referral for opioid-addicted and alcohol-addicted justice involved

individuals. This program involves jail-based substance abuse treatment and collaboration with

community based clinics to provide aftercare treatment. The goal is to facilitate transition into an outpatient substance abuse treatment program which employs a multi-faceted approach to

treatment including the use of the FDA approved medications, counseling, and aftercare referral to community-based providers.


Jail Chemical Addition Program (JCAP) – Doug Essex LCAC and Stephany  Bedolla CAPRC II

The JCAP program is an intensive treatment program funded by the local community correctiosn.  This program has a unique curriculum that is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and provides for approximately 14 group service hours per week.  Along with the core addition curriculum, there is also a skills component which allows for the provision of skills for addressing maladaptive behaviors.  The resources used in this program provide comprehensive and integrated models addressing the broad range of needs and key internal and external risk factors for the justice involved population.  Supporting a flexible open group/open admissions format.

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