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HSE (Formerly GED)

Due to the difficulties of COVD19, we were forced to cease classes on this program at noon on March 12,2020.   We started virtual classes on November 9th, 2020.

We had 2 male inmates receive their HSE in 2020. (We graduated 18 in 2019!).  We hold 1 class of ladies and 2 classes of gentlemen twice weekly; extra classes are added for test takers around exam time.  In our HSE classes, our main emphasis is to prepare inmates to either take the HSE test or to complete coursework in order to earn their high school diploma.  We also provide career testing, preparation for the COMPASS and SAT tests; materials for CDL license and regular driver’s licenses, as well as extended math work.  Many students refresh their academic skills so they will be ready for college/trade schools when they are released.  We encourage peer tutoring in the block from those who have passed the test.   It is working very well, and the tutors take pride in doing it and giving back. 

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