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Anger Management Class

Anger Management Class is an education and intervention class; it is evidence-based.  The materials used are the SAMHSA Anger Management materials as well as the video “BEYOND ANGER” – Larkin series.  This is a 3-month course – it includes up to 15 – 90-minute sessions.  It helps participants learn to manage anger, stop violence or the threat of violence, helps participants develop self-control over thoughts and actions, and provides support and feedback. The anger meter is used; journaling is practiced.  A myriad of activities are used that help them to de-stress.  Role-playing is utilized.

We were not able to have this program in 2020 because of the COVID shut-down, so it is first up in 2021.  The length of the program makes it difficult for all to complete.  That is why we have met with them twice a week so that it is not strung out for 3 months.  They still have the same number of meetings; they are just scheduled in a shorter time frame.  That has decreased the dropout rate significantly.

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