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Staff Directory

The Corrections Division is responsible for the security and supervision of inmates housed at the Boone County Jail. The Jail is capable of housing 221 inmates. The staff of the Corrections Division consists of a Jail Commander, 1 Staff Sergeant, 4 Corrections Sergeants, 1 Administrative Support Sergeant, 19 Corrections Officers, 1 Central Control Officer and 1 Transport Officer. Corrections Officers are responsible for supervising inmates and all the responsibilities associated with processing persons arrested by Local, State, and Federal agencies.


To contact someone in the Corrections Department: (765) 483-5780

Jail Staff

Jessica Swank

Assistant Jail Commander

Mobile 765-595-8533

Cole Coffey

Sam Thompson

Julia Hole

Susan Kinney

Administrative Sergeant

Sam Dardini

Corrections Officer

Kobe Sutherlin

Corrections Officer

Timothy Korte

Corrections Officer

Jonathan Winings

Corrections Officer

Nathan Osborne

Corrections Officer

Robinson Morales

Corrections Officer

Joshua Boyd

Corrections Officer

Becca Pitts

Corrections Officer

Joshua Boyd

Corrections Officer

Misha Piersall

Central Control Officer

Angel Jackson

Corrections Officer

Trey Owsley

Corrections Officer

Matthew Bolin

Corrections Officer

Lars Rasco

Corrections Officer

Felicia Williams

Corrections Officer

Garrett Luper

Corrections Officer

Maintenance Staff

Shannon Smith

Maintenance Staff

Kitchen Staff


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