Boone County Sheriff’s Office – Corrections Division

Jail Commander Kevin Orr

 The Boone County Jail, located at 1905 Indianapolis Ave., Lebanon, was built in 1992 with bedspace for 110 inmates and opened on October 30th with a population of 40. 


In the summer of 2007, the facility’s total bed space was expanded to accom-modate 221 inmates with the addition of permanently affixed steel bunks. 



In 2008 there were 2583 admissions into the facility and 2586 releases from it.  The average daily population was 126 inmates; this included an average daily population of 114 males and 12 females.  


The Boone County Jail offers a variety of services and programs for its inmates; all of which are provided at no cost to the facility or inmate. 

Among them:   


Our G.E.D. program is offered through a partnership with the Boone County Learning Network.  Classes are provided twice a week inside the jail and for both male and female inmates.  Inmates who don’t exhibit committed effort to the program are removed from it.   Although most inmates do not remain in custody long enough to complete the coursework and test for their GED, 8 did do so successfully in ‘08.     It’s noteworthy that inmates who do not complete the program while in the Boone County Jail are encouraged to complete it if their incarceration continues in other facilities.  Upon discharge those who live locally can pursue their GED through Arc Rehab Services of Lebanon.    


The Boone County Jail provides substance abuse counseling for inmates with funding from the Boone County Superior Court 2 Alcohol and Drug Program.

  • Cell blocks are occupied exclusively by inmates who have earned admittance into the drug and alcohol counseling program.
  • Inmates in “the drug block” must follow a strict code of conduct or face sanctions that can include removal. 
  • The structured program includes a senior committee that works with the program therapist to provide guidance and support to the group.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous classes are held with approved AA volunteers providing instruction.


This is a program overseen by a licensed substance abuse counselor.  A two-hour class is provided weekly to the inmates.  


New Life is a residential treatment facility that provides an intense 90 day program for inmates upon their release from custody.  Inmates graduating from our drug and alcohol treatment program typically petition the court for sentence modification to live in this facility. 


Our Sheriff’s Office and facility are fortunate to receive a great deal of support from The Boone County Jail Task Force, a group made up of ministers and parishioners from ten local churches of various faiths.  Our ministry programs are overseen and coordinated by the Boone County Sheriff’s Senior Chaplain Mike Goforth.  These services are provided at no cost to the jail. Before being allowed to participate, volunteers are screened and their credentials are verified.  

  • Two male Chaplains visit the facility’s male housing units one evening per week to provide group and one-on-one counseling.
  • Female Chaplains provide bible study for our female inmates.  Sr. Chaplain Goforth and a co-ed group of Gideons visit our jail weekly to minister to inmates who gather in our visitation area.  
  • Members of the Boone County Jail Task Force provide church services on selected evenings each month. 


  • The Boone County Community Clinic and its Director, Nurse Practitioner Bambi McQuade-Jones, serve our inmate population via contract.  Services  include visits from medical staff six days per week with 24hrs on-call  availability.  A local physician serves as our provider collaborator.
  • Clinic staff coordinates ordering of supplies, medical equipment, laboratory services, and medications and off site services, to include psychiatric, dental and emergency care.   
  • Additionally our medical staff maintains and implements detoxification protocols, and provides appropriate medical policies, procedures and charting.


The Boone County Jail is an indirect supervision facility equipped with technological advances that allow for efficient operation with minimum staffing. All areas are equipped with closed circuit security cameras, as well as ceiling-mounted, sound-actuated “scream alarms.”  There are also “emergency call boxes” mounted on the walls in the general population cellblock dayrooms and work release dorm which allow inmates to communicate with jail and/or communications staff.   §         The Communications Center, located in the basement of the facility, serves as Boone County’s Public Safety Answering Point and is staffed continually. 


Our facility shares space with the Sheriff’s Office, which includes the Enforce-ment, Investigations, Civil and Communications Divisions.  A Maintenance Supervisor has an office and workshop in the building and with the aid of an assistant and a janitor, the premises are kept clean and in a state of good repair.   The Maintenance Supervisor is able to contract with outside service providers to make repairs beyond his scope of expertise. 

Frequently asked questions: 

What is the address of the jail? 

1905 Indianapolis Avenue, Lebanon, IN  46052  Phone: 765-482-1412 

Where is the Boone County Jail located? 

The jail is located east of I-65 near exit 138.  (Google map link) 

Where is the Boone County Courthouse?  

209 Courthouse Square,  Corner of State Route 39  and Main St. Lebanon, IN 46052  (Google map link) 

When is the jail open? 

The Sheriff’s Office lobby is always open and the telephone mounted on the wall near the jail’s public window will always be answered.  The public window for Sheriff’s Administration and our business office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding Court Holidays.  There may be times during the lunch hour that the window is closed.  

How do I bond someone out of the Boone County Jail? 

Depending on the status of the inmate within the court system, they may be eligible to bond out of jail.  Bonds can be paid 24 hours a day at the jail’s lobby window.  Bonds can either be paid in the form of US currency or a surety bond. A surety bond requires a licensed bond agent to process and a fee paid to the bondsman.  An approved list of bondsmen is available via this link.  A cash bond may be paid with US currency, a money order made out to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, or with a credit or debit card.  Jail staff have no means to make change, so if paying with cash, the EXACT amount of the bond must be paid

Bond payment with Cashier's Check or Money Order must be done during normal business hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-4 p.m except closed Tues & Fri noon-1 p.m.

Persons wishing to pay a bond with a credit card must call GovPay EXP  at 1-888-561-7888 or 1-888-604-7888 or visit their website at*   A person posting bond via credit card must provide the inmate’s full name, date of birth, social security number, their Boone County Jail inmate number, their charge(s), the bond amount and the jail’s “Pay Location Code” which is 1084.  This information can be obtained by calling the jail at 765-482-1412.  The inmate must sign a waiver before his/her social security number can be released to a third party.* GovPayEXP charges a non-refundable processing fee.  Boone County  receives no part of the processing fee.  

When a bond is paid a receipt will be provided to the payer that will list the inmate’s upcoming court date(s) if available.   

Per order of Circuit Court Judge David, Superior 1 Court Judge Kincaid and Superior II Court Judge McClure: Pursuant to I.C. 35-33-8-3.2, cash bonds posted for the release of a Defendant, upon disposition of the case in which bond is posted, may be applied to any fines, costs, fees, restitution, repayment of public defender fees of the Defendant and/or for any other purpose permitted by law.  

Important information to all persons posting bond for arrestees:  If you are posting a CASH BOND for the release of an arrestee, then if the arrested person appears at all hearings and/or trial, the money posted will be returned if the person arrested is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed.  It the person arrested is found guilty or pleads guilty, then the monies posted will be applied toward any fines and/or costs.  If there are any monies left over, then only these sums will be returned to the person who was arrested. 

Please understand that if you are posting a SURETY BOND (through a bail bondsman) then there will be no return of the monies posted.  This money posted is like an insurance premium and is not returnable.  Sometimes it is better to allow the arrestee to remain in jail another day or so and use the money to obtain an attorney to attempt to obtain a bond reduction.  It is difficult for a Judge to understand how someone can come up with $500 to $1,000 for a surety bond and then come to court and ask for a public defender because of no funds to hire an attorney   

Please note:  Any inmate arrested on alcohol or drug influence related charges will not be released until it has been determined that the individual is no longer intoxicated. 

What if I need to get property from an inmate? 

Personal items, such as keys, wallet, and jewelry are sealed in a plastic bag and placed in the inmate’s property tub upon admission to this facility.  If an inmate wishes to release any of the items in the sealed bag the entire contents of the bag must be released.   Jail staff will provide a property release form that must be signed by the inmate and the person receiving the property.  The person picking up inmate property must present a government issued picture ID to do so. 

A vehicle was towed during the arrest.  How do I get it? 

You may call the jail (765-482-1412) and ask what company your vehicle was towed to.  A list of local tow companies can be accessed via this link. Vehicles are typically released only to the registered owner.  However, if the registered owner is incarcerated, a vehicle release form can be obtained at the jail.  It must be signed by the inmate and the person the inmate has authorized to pick up the vehicle.  That person must be a licensed driver. 

How does the telephone system work? 

The Inmate Telephone System is not owned or operated by Boone County.  SECURUS Technologies, an outside vendor, is contracted to provide inmate telephone services.  ALL telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording.  Calls made by inmate must be “collect,” unless inmates have purchased prepaid calling cards from commissary.  Prepaid cards may be used to call cell phones or other phones that don’t accept collect calls. Family or friends may also set up prepaid accounts with SECURUS by calling the company at 1-800-844-6591.  The Boone County Jail does not control payment agreements or the blocking of numbers due to non-payment or related issues.  Calls made to cellular phones are made at the risk of the caller and will not be reimbursed if disconnected.  This is due to unpredictability of cellular service.  

Please note:  

Inmates are allowed to use only telephones provided for their use in the Boone County Jail.   They may not use personal cell phones to call or text message once they arrive at the jail.  In the event that an inmate is unable to reach a family member a Jail Officer will contact the family to let them know that the inmate is incarcerated and will provide them bond information.   Inmates are never allowed to use facility "staff" telephones.  

How do I visit an inmate? 

Before being housed inmates fill out a visitation sheet with the names of up to five (5) people that they wish to visit them.  Changes can only be made to the list every six (6) months.  The inmate will contact you to let you know you are on his/her list.  Before being allowed to visit you must present government issued photo identification. The first time you visit you will be asked for your current address, telephone number and social security number. 

If you have been incarcerated in the Boone County Jail within the past year you are not allowed to visit with an inmate. 

Children under the age of 18 can visit without being on the visitation list.  They must be accompanied by a legal guardian who is on the visitation list.   

Visitors should arrive 10 minutes early to accommodate check in.  Anyone who arrives after the time the visiting period is scheduled to begin WILL NOT be allowed to visit. 

When you arrive for a visit, please do not pick up the telephone beside the jail’s public window in the lobby.  Jail staff is aware of your arrival and will get your name and the name of the inmate you are visiting prior to visitation time.    

Inmate Visitation is a privilege that may be suspended due to inappropriate conduct by the inmate or the person who wishes to visit them.    

Food and drinks are not allowed in the visitation area.  Disruptive adults or children and those who accompany them may be asked to leave the visitation area.  This could result in suspension or cancellation of visiting privileges. 

When is visitation? 

The visitation scheduled is based on an inmate’s assigned housing unit and cell.  

A Block - Saturday

Cells 1-5  8:00 a.m.  -   8:45 a.m.Cells 6-10 9:00 a.m.  -   9:45 a.m.Cells 11-16    10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.  

B Block - Saturday

Cells 1-5  11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.Cells 6-10   1:00 p.m. -  1:45 p.m.Cells 11-16       2:00 p.m. -   2:45 p.m. 

C Block - Saturday

Cells 1-4        3:00 p.m. -  3:45 p.m.Cells 5-7  4:00 p.m. -  4:45 p.m. 

D Block – Saturday

Cells 1-4  6:00 p.m. -  6:45 p.m.Cells 5-7  7:00 p.m. -  7:45 p.m. 

E Block - Sunday

Cells 1-5  10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.Cells 6-10 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.Cells 11-16    1:00 p.m. -   1:45 p.m. 

F Block - Sunday

Cells 1-5  2:00 p.m. -  2:45 p.m.Cells 6-10       3:00 p.m. -  3:45 p.m.Cells 11-16    4:00 p.m. -  4:45 p.m. 

G Block - Sunday

Cells 1-7  6:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. 

H Block – Sunday

Cells 1-7  7:00 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.  At the convenience of jail staff, inmate workers can receive visits any time with the exception of meal hours:  6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.   

How can a lawyer see an inmate at jail? 

Lawyers are allowed to visit with inmates at any time with the exception of 6:00 a.m - 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.   

Can an inmate get a visit from his/her minister? 

Members of the clergy who are on an authorized list compiled by the Sheriff’s Office Senior Chaplain Mike Goforth may be allowed to visit inmates at any time with the exception of 6:00 a.m - 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.   

How do I put money on an inmate’s account? 

Money orders payable to an inmate may be placed on the inmate’s account.  PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. 

Money orders should be mailed to Boone County Jail 1905 Indianapolis Avenue, Lebanon, IN  46052. 

Money orders or US currency may also be brought to the jail for the inmates account between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Money cannot be accepted during visitation.  Our business office is closed on holidays.  


How does an inmate get money from his/her account after being released from jail?  

Currently the released inmate can pick up his/her remaining funds in the form of a check written to them between 10:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. on days that the Sheriff’s  Administration/Business Office window is open.  We will soon launch a program that will allow these funds to be released at any time of the day or night in the form of a debit card.  There will be a $3.00 fee for the debit card.    

How do the inmates order commissary? 

Commissary is ordered on Monday.  A list of items that can be purchased is provided to the inmate.  Money must be in the inmates account by 4:00 p.m. on Monday in order for them to purchase commissary items. 

A list of commissary items available to inmates and their cost is available via this link.  

Can I send letters, books and magazines to an inmate? 

Inmates can receive mail delivered by the US Postal Service – it may not be dropped off at the jail.  All incoming mail must have a return name and full return address.  Mail that does not have a return address will be placed in the inmate’s property (with the exception of legal mail).   All incoming mail will be opened and inspected by Jail Officers to prevent the introduction of contraband.  PERSONS WHO SEND CONTRABAND INTO THE FACILITY WILL BE CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED AND THE INMATE TO WHOM IT IS BEING SENT MAY ALSO FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES.  Legal mail sent directly from an attorney will be opened in the presence of the inmate. Inmates may have a newspaper mailed from the publisher at the inmate’s expense.  Soft cover books, magazines and periodicals will be accepted from the publisher ONLY.  Any materials that contain obscene pictures, racist or “hate” content will not be given to the inmate, but will be placed in his/her property tub. The Boone County Jail in cooperation with Lebanon Public Library provides inmates with soft cover books.   

How are inmate medical needs addressed? 

Upon arrival at the Boone County Jail inmates are asked a series of medical questions and are screened by our medical staff soon thereafter.  Inmates are responsible for reporting existing illnesses or other medical conditions to jail staff during their in-processing.   While incarcerated at the Boone County Jail the jail’s medical director is an inmate’s primary care giver.  Medical issues are addressed by the inmate completing a medical request form. Sick calls are provided on a regular basis.  There is a medical co-pay charge of $10.00.  If necessary, our medical staff will schedule an appointment with specialists.   Medication will be distributed in accordance with prescription orders approved by the jail’s medical staff.  Certain over-the-counter medication, such as pain relievers, cough drops, vitamins and antacids, may be purchased by inmates on commissary.  Inmates will not be denied access to medical services due to an inability to pay. If the inmate does not have enough money to cover the co-payment, the services will be “charged” until sufficient funds are in their account to pay the $10.00 co-pay.   Information regarding an inmate’s medical status will be released only through proper medical channels.  Only the medical staff may release inmate medical information to an inmate’s family. Medication must be in the container from the pharmacy with an appropriate label. 

Can I bring medication in for the inmate? 

Friends or family members may bring an inmate’s prescribed medication to the jail.  The medication will be given to the inmate with approval by the jail medical staff.  Any medication not given to the inmate will be returned to him/her upon their release from the jail. 

How do I get medication left at the jail?  

Once released from the Boone County Jail an inmate may contact the medical staff at 765-483-3376 to have their medication released to them.  Medical staff may make the medication available to be picked up at the jail lobby window.  Unless special arrangements are made, medications may be picked up between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday excluding holidays.  

Do the inmates eat well? 

The Boone County Jail provides three balanced meals daily.  Meals are approved by a dietician and meet nutritional standards.  Inmates are allowed to buy additional food items off commissary. 

Can I bring some clothes to the jail for an inmate? 

Due to repeated attempts to traffic contraband with inmates, the jail will not accept clothing for inmates.  Inmates are issued clothing and shoes and can purchase underwear, t-shirts and socks from commissary.    

How do I notify an inmate of a death in his/her family? 

If there has been a death in the inmate’s immediate family you may call the jail and ask that the inmate be informed.  Upon verification, a Sheriff’s Office chaplain or other approved member of clergy may aid in a death notification.    

Can jail staff relay messages or pass notes to inmates? 

Notes are not passed to inmates.   If jail staff determine that a message is of an emergency nature – such as a death in an inmate’s family – that information may be shared with an inmate. 

I have a family member at another jail who was arrested on charges from a Boone County case. When will they be brought to the Boone County Jail? 

It is the policy of the Boone County Jail to not to disclose when an inmate is to be transported to or from our facility. This is for the safety of our transportation staff.  An inmate with “out of county” charges generally must be transported within 30 days of their arrest.   The Boone County Jail has a jail ministry team that provides religious services for those who wish to participate.  Clergy members are prohibited from making telephone calls on an inmate’s behalf of or passing any notes, letters, contraband or unauthorized property to, from or between inmates.   

Can an inmate vote? 

Arrangements upon request from the inmate will be made with election officials to facilitate and inmate’s right to vote by absentee ballot, provided the inmate is a qualified voter. 

I have a weekend commitment, what can I bring? 

You may not bring any items into the jail.  You will be issued orange clothing, sandals, towel, hygiene items, a mat and blanket.  Books are available to you through the jail.  If you are serving over three days you will likely be housed in general population.  If your period of incarceration is to be three days or less you will likely be housed in the work release dorm.    

Do I have a warrant? 

We do not give out warrant information over the telephone.  You may come to the jail with proper identification and a check for any outstanding warrants will be made. If your photograph appears on the Sheriff’s Office website as a wanted person you may assume you have an active warrant.  You should contact the Sheriff’s office immediately. 


Last Updated (August 12 2013)